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How to Start a Successful Blog Site

The internet is a powerful place. People search for history, they go to the internet. They look for shoes, they go to the internet. They look for news and current events, they go to the internet. They look for love, guess where they go – yes, the internet. The world wide web has been a game changer in the past two decades, and we, as consumers, are enjoying every bit of it.

Blogs are one of the simplest information sources there is in the world wide web. Because there are a lot of blogging platforms available that people can use for free, anyone can actually start their own little blogging site and put whatever they want on it. There are blogs about current events, Hollywood, movies and television, food, makeup, business, gaming, home management, pets, travel, etc. There are even blogs about blogs. How apt, right? The point is, a blog can be about anything, and that anything depends on what the author wants it to be. While it is easy to start a blogging site, as anyone can actually do it, wanting to make it big in blogging is a different story. You will have to take a few considerations to commence a blog, and be successful at it.

1. Find your niche.

Focusing your blogging site on a particular niche will build your profile. Once established, you will be known as a credible source for that topic. For example, when you have built a reputable amount of blog posts about commentaries on recently released movies, or TV series, your audience will most likely come back to your blog site to check for a new review. Google will also treat your site as an authority on that topic. It will also pool your readers towards that topic, hence more and more silver screen fans will mostly likely visit your site.

2. Update your blog site regularly.

You should treat your blog like a TV channel, where audience would tune in at a particular time for their favorite show. Just like a TV channel, posting a new content on your blog on a regular schedule will keep your readers tuned in. If you publish an entry three times this week, and nothing on the following week, and then ten new ones the week after that, your readers will be confused as when to expect something new from your site. They may even think you have abandoned your blog site and may not even know you’ve posted new contents. Posting new content on a regular schedule makes your readers excited to come back to read more.

3. Let people find your blog site.

When you have a blog site, optimize your search keywords so when people look for particular topics on search engines, your blog will rank. Now, this is something that you develop overtime as the more hits your site receives, the better it’s ranking will be. On a simpler note, you can always advertise your blog site through social media, or link them to other more popular websites. For example, if your niche is household, and you wrote about carpet cleaning, you may link to the best professional carpet cleaner company in Franklin TN to rank better in search engine results. This technique will help you make your blog site more search friendly.

The most successful blog sites, big or small, follow these three simple things in making their blog more appealing to their readers. The good thing is, you can start your own too.

Top 3 Plumbing Problems and Solutions

Plumbing fixtures for every home malfunction or wear out with age at some point. Knowing how to address problems that crop up with the piping system in your home without seeking help from businesses that offer plumbing services can help you save some money. With that in mind, here are some of the most common plumbing problems along with DIY tips on how to fix them.

#1: Dripping Faucets

A dripping faucet leads to unnecessary wastage of water. However, this problem is very easy to fix when detected early. All you need to do is replace the worn out sealing part also known as a washer. There are different kinds of washers such as the stem, ball spring, cartridge and modular types. If you don’t know what type of washer to buy, a good idea is to carry the current one installed on your faucet when visiting the local hardware store and replace it with a matching part.

#2: Leaks 

In addition to increasing your water bill, leaking pipes can cause other costly problems. For instance, plaster or sheetrock that soaks up creates the ideal habitat for mold to thrive. Leaking pipes that go undetected may cause wooden floors or porous tiles to warp or discolor due to water damage.

In most cases, pipes leak at connecting joints. A temporary fix may involve reapplying Teflon tape and other commercial joint filers then tightening pipes at leaking joints with a wrench. You may also use pliers to tighten nuts that hold pipe joint together. For more permanent plumbing repair, you should consider replacing a section of the leaking pipe or its fittings, especially if corrosion is present. 

#3: Slow Drains

Partial or complete clogs cause water from your skin or tub to drain slowly. This common plumbing problem is simple to fix since all you need is a plunger. A plunger uses air pressure to dislodge a clog closer to the drain hole. If you suspect that hair is clogging your drain, consider using the infamous Zip-It drain-cleaning tool. An alternative option involves pouring special drain cleaners into your sink or tub. These liquids contain a mix of caustic potash and lye, which easily dissolve clogs into a soap-like liquid that flushes down the drain. However, use this method sparingly because commercial drain cleaners contain chemicals that can damage some pipe materials if used too frequently.

When to Call a Plumber

While the ‘handyman in you’ might want to forego professional plumbing services, keep in mind that some issues are too complex to tackle alone. For instance, you may not have adequate knowledge and skills to handle water heater problems, water pressure issues, septic tank leaks, running toilets, sewer line breaks or installation of new plumbing fixtures. If you lack the tools or know how to address a plumbing problem, make sure to call a certified plumber. Trying to fix complex plumbing problems that you don’t understand might just make things worse and lead to repairs that are more costly.