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Backflow Testing

Backflow Testing and Prevention

Have you received a letter from your City or Village stating that your backflow prevention assembly needs to be tested? If so, this is a procedure that can only be done by a CCCDI-certified organization.

Lightning Plumbing & Backflow Testing holds such a certification from the state of Illinois to perform backflow testing services. Your CCCDI backflow tester needs to be a licensed plumber through the Illinois Department of Public Health as well as certified through the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency in order to certify that these devices are in proper working order. We provide backflow testing services to the following Chicago suburbs Naperville, Glen Ellyn, , Aurora, Lombard, and many other neighboring suburbs. Nearly any Chicago area location can be serviced by our plumbing and backflow experts.

A backflow prevention device allows a trained professional to tell whether or not the drinking water in your area will be properly protected throughout the year from common contamination sources. These backflow devices are typically located at the water service (near the meter). These devices must be certified annually in accordance with state and local regulations to ensure that the drinking water in your area remains protected.

Lightning Plumbing & Backflow Testing will test, repair, and certify your backflow device as well as report all results to the municipality managing your backflow program.

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