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Drain Cleaning From Lightning Plumbing Chicago

When you hear the words, "clogged drain," what comes to mind? For most people it is hair. You might be surprised to learn that one of the most common causes of clogged or damaged drains are tree roots.

In the past, many drains were made of clay. Clay doesn't completely enclose sewer drains. It can have cracks or imperfections that allow tree roots to take hold and find a way in. The roots, as they grow, can damage and clog your drains. Once inside the drain, the roots grow in diameter and snake their way throughout the system.

With Lightning Plumbing Chicago's cutting edge technology, removing tree roots is a snap. Our expert staff of plumbers will thoroughly and correctly unclog the drains.

Regardless of the cause or source of your clogged drain – from hair to roots – Lightning Plumbing Chicago will get your drains flowing in no time.