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Sump Pumps From Lightning Plumbing Lombard

No one wants to wake up and find a flood in their basement. Rainwater or ground water can ruin valuables stored in your basement if your sump pump isn't doing the job. Don't let a rainy day spoil a lifetime of memories. A professionally installed sump pump from Lightning Plumbing Lombard can solve the problem before it happens.

A sump pump is a pump that removes water that has gathered in a sump basin which is located in your basement. If you have a heavy rain or your basement is built below the water table the water can enter your basement through the perimeter drains which can lead to flooding.

A professional grade cast iron sump pump installed by Lightning Plumbing Lombard will protect your basement from damage and send the water away from your home to a storm drain or dry well depending on where you live.

Lightning Plumbing Lombard is always available to answer any of your sump pump questions.