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Tank-less Water Heaters From Lightning Plumbing Illinois

Lightning Plumbing Illinois professionals can install or retrofit a tankless water heater in your home or any commercial building.

A tankless water heater can save you and your family money and energy. Tankless water heaters are built to supply instant hot water when and where you need it. They do so by supplying hot water directly from the source. Unlike traditional water heaters, a tankless water heater only heats water as it is needed.

A traditional water heater will repeatedly heat the water stored in the tank. A tankless water heater from Lightning Plumbing Illinois will sense when hot water is required and begin the heating process. It is also able to determine the quantity of heat required to provide the water at the correct temperature. Once hot water is no longer required, the unit shuts down. This reduces the energy output and lowers your costs.

As the tankless unit is able to recreate hot water on demand, you are not limited to the water available in a tank.

Lightning Plumbing Illinois is happy to assist you with any of your water heater needs.